Pokot, Kenya


Pokot School

The Pokot School Project is a collaboration between the communities of Upper Beeding in West Sussex and Chemekeu in West Pokot, Kenya. Through the Hindson family who lived in Pokot for 6 years in the 90's, the Baptist Church and Primary School of Upper Beeding have come together to focus on the educational needs of this remote, semi-nomadic community in NW Kenya.

Wall Painting

A Pokot Christian group called PCM, with whom the Hindsons had worked, managed a small mud-walled primary school which housed 100 children and was in desperate need of rebuilding. The Pokot School Project was born and our school and church here in Upper Beeding raised over £15,000 to build a new school with 6 classrooms.

Pokot Visit - 2008

A new team of 11 from UBBC and Upper Beeding Primary School travel for Pokot on October 18th, for a 3-week visit to Kenya.

Pokot Visit - 2007

Water Butt

In July 2007 a team of 15 from Upper Beeding visited the school in Pokot and attended the official opening. The headmistress of Upper Beeding Primary School, Frances Connell, led part of the team in providing new resources and teaching and learning advice in the new school. They also brought back a new perspective on the challenges of life and education in Africa.

Part of the team was involved in installing 4 rain water tanks as part of a rain water catchment system, to provide clean fresh water for the school. The rest of the team visited remote communities to share their experience of the Christian faith and to teach from the Bible, as invited by the recently planted Churches.

Kakach Church

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